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Meet Your Tour Guide, Joaquin


    Joaquin is a professional horseman and stuntman/actor for over 30 years, with a focus on expert weaponry on bareback. Being of the Comanche, Cherokee, and Choctaw decent the majority of his work is in Western TV and Movies including titles such as “Cowboys and Aliens”, “The Lone Ranger”, and most recently “The Homesman”.


    Joaquin was born and raised in Texas where he was brought up in a rodeo and equine family. Joaquin was thrown on a horse at 6 months old to ride before he could walk, by the time he was 3 years old he was riding on his own. Horses are a natural fit in Joaquin’s life as he was trained as a professional horseman from his parents who are reputed equine trainers and breeders of quarter horses.


    There is an old quote that says, “THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT THE OUTSIDE OF A HORSE THAT IS GOOD FOR THE INSIDE OF A MAN" … and that is true. It is a lot of work being in the horse business but Joaquin will attest to all, that it is the most rewarding aspect of his life aside from being a father. To quote Joaquin “The energy and the spirit of the horse is unparalleled to ANY other in the animal kingdom."


    Joaquin invites you all to join him in experiencing why he loves the lifestyle of a horseman on this breathtaking Sangre de Cristo Legendary Mountain Range in New Mexico. You will feel the energy from the ground up where you can BORROW FREEDOM for the day while riding one of these beautiful creatures.


Always remember to,





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